Dismembering The Image Of God

from by Ambient Death

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Behind barb wire there’s a place of unrest
Children torn from their mother’s, people turned to the living dead
Intellectual minds built machine that grinds flesh
Theory of Eugenics picks the ones who have regressed

Dismembering the image of God

Vivisection nerves alive
Implement of death to test the subject is allowed

Dismembering the image of God

Once sworn to save life now they bring death
Their endless sadistic curiosity is fed
In white masks, optics glare
Human organs tip the scale
In white room, stainless steel
Windows boarded to conceal
Leather straps hold me still
This procedure’s meant to kill
Feel the edge cut through skin
Then the bone of my shin
Legs removed at the hips
Webs of veins, shoulder blades

Irises colored blue, it’s my gift to you

Core of their souls untouched by the pleas
Dismembered stitched bodies of dwarfs and twins
One dissects piece of me
Other writes what he sees
Now awake back in cell
What’s been done I can’t tell
Rotting wound, cast applied
Putrid stench undescribed
Numbing pain, empty stare
Body and mind beyond repair
Life or death
Which is which
Oh dear God end this please

Sewn back up like a rag
Left impaired, for demise I beg
Moans of pain fill the night
Those who lived wished they died

I've seen others just like me
Healthy man now amputees
Some who managed to survive phenol had applied
Mutilated human lives robbed of dreams, robbed of smiles

Lives unworthy of life


from Dismembering The Image Of God, released April 7, 2014



all rights reserved


Ambient Death New York, New York


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